How to unfriend Facebook Friends without actually Unfriending them

Do you have Facebook friend that you’re not comfortable sharing your non-public post, friend that posting annoying things on newsfeed and friends that are so very serious/emotional/mr right/etc with all topic happening around. You can actually unfriend them without actually unfriending them by adding them to your restricted list.


To do this, follow the step below:
1. Go to Settings


2. Then on the left side of the page, click “Blocking” tab


3. Under “Manage Blocking” page, you can see the “Restricted List” click the “Edit List


4. Now click the “on this list” button on the upper left side of the pop-up box, then click “Friends


4. Now search the name of your friend and select them, when done click the “Finish” button.


Optional step is to unfollow them by going to their facebook profile, so that you will no longer see his/her post from your newsfeed.

That’s all! if you have something to add on this post, please leave comment below.. Hope you will not include me on that list! haha!



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