How to Combine Multiple Internet Connection into single High Speed Internet

Do you have DSL? a Wifi pocket? a tethered mobile phones? or an shared internet connection from your neighbor, malls, or hotel? If you have multiple internet connection you can combine all of this and create a very high speed connection using a kick starter funded program called “Connectify Dispatch”. This program will lets you combine bandwidth from all your computer’s Internet connections to increase your bandwidth. Seamlessly.

The program is available for FREE for the lite version and $40.00 USD for the PRO version. You can download the program at their official website (


After testing the program with my PLDT Mydsl connection (1.5mbps) and a Smart pocket wifi (1.5mbps to 3mbps). I almost get 5.51mbps for using my 2 connection.

I test it with, I almost get 4.76mbps for downloads and 1.55mbps for uploads (

The only disadvantage of the Connectify Dispatch is that the program cannot combine your internet speed if you are downloading single file directly.

If you want the PRO version, you can use this coupon code to get discount:

  • CONNECTIFY7 – 40% off discount
  • STUDENT2013 – 50% off discount, if you have .edu email
  • STENOGRAPH – 22% off discount

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