Steam Games Family Sharing Review

Last month Steam announced that they will allow steam users to share their games to their friends, family or relatives and that is “Steam Family Sharing”. For now steam released this feature to some beta tester of stead, luckily got a chance to be a beta tester.


To enable Family Sharing, you need to go to Steam tab, then go to “Settings”. Click Manage Family Sharing & Devices. Now authorized the PC to use your game library. Any steam user that will used the authorized PC can download and intall the games from your game library without buying it from Steam store.


Advantages is you can share your games to your friends and they can also earned Steam achievements, just like owning a game. You can download and install the game from the owner’s library without using his/her account. And of course you can save money from buying multiple games just for sharing.

Now for the Disadvantages, If someone is playing a specific game in your game library, the other user cannot use that game. And if the owner decide to play the game. The current user playing the game will be notified “You only have 5 minutes left to use this game”, meaning the game can only be played one at a time. Maybe this is to avoid using the game in multiplayer mode. .


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