How to Update P8Z77-M PRO Bios Firmware to v1708

This update includes the compatibility issue for Windows 8, new interface and bug fixes.

Before Updating Please make sure you have the following:

  1. A USB Flash Drive reformatted to FAT32.
  2. Optical Drive.
  3. Motherboard DVD support.
  4. Download latest BIOS firmware from (Asus Official Site)
  5. Download latest Utility Updater from (Asus Official Site)
  6. Make sure there are no power interruption during update.

If all of the requirement are set to go, we can now update our MotherBoard firmware.

  1. Extract the in the root directory of your flash drive (Example drive D:)
  2. Open the then open the folder inside then copy BUPDATER.EXE, BUPDATER.TXT and also the Readme.ini, then paste it to the root directory of your flash drive.

    The files should be:

    • D:/P8Z77-M-PRO-ASUS-1708.cap
    • D:/
    • D:/BUPDATER.exe
    • D:/BUPDATER.txt
    • D:/Readme.ini
  3. Now, insert your MotherBoard support DVD to your optical drive and restart your Computer.
  4. When the ASUS logo appeared, pressed F8 to open the boot menu.
  5. Select your optical drive and press ENTER
  6. A Screen will prompt press any key within 5 seconds, Press any key to enter.
  7. MakeDisk menu will appear, press 3 for the FREEDOS and hit Enter
  8. Now, browse to your flash drive sample using Command Prompt (Type “D:” then Enter)
  9. Then type “bupdater /pc /g” and press ENTER
  10. The BIOS update utility will appear. Press TAB to navigate to the drive fields and UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT to select the USB flash drive and press ENTER.
  11. On the right side select P8Z77~1 and press ENTER
  12. A prompt screen will appear press ENTER to update your BIOS.

Wait until the loading update finish, press ENTER to exit the update utility and press ALT+CTRL+DELETE to restart. You can now enjoy your newly updated BIOS! Congrats!

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