How To Protect Your WIFI Router Using MAC Address Filtering

Awhile ago I have problem with my very slow internet connection, restarting my router several times but still nothing happens. And just found out that my very good next door neighbor is actually using my internet connection without my permission, knowing that I already secured my router with a password. Sometimes, we need to add a new layer of security to protect our WIFI connection or router, encase the password are stolen or being hacked by some hacking tool. You can still secure it by using the MAC Address Filtering of your router.

The MAC Address Filtering will allow you to list all devices MAC Address that are only allowed to access your router. So, even your next door neighbor stole your password they cannot still access your router since only allowed MAC address can accessed your connection.

I will demonstrate on how to check the MAC Address of your device and how to list it on MAC Address Filtering. Since I only have single router this demo is only for EDIMAX users or you may use it for references.

Accessing your Router Control Panel

1. Open your Router Control Panel on EDIMAX its (

2. Write your Username and Password, usually the default username is admin and the default password is 1234

How to check your device MAC Address?

1. You need to deactivate the WIFI connection of your device or PC that you want to check.

2. On Router Control Panel, Click the General Setup Tab > Then click Wireless > Then Click Basic Settings > Click Next

3. You will see the Basic Settings Page, click the Show Active Clients Button

4. This list will show you the devices that are connected or having activity with the router. On the screenshot there are two devices that already connected to the router.

5. By clicking the Refresh button several times it will give you a real time list of devices that are connected in the router. Now, you need to turn on the WIFI connection of your device or PC, then as you see on the screenshot below the label in red, this are the new device that are connected in the router and means this is the MAC Address of your device that just connected.

6. Copy the MAC address example (84:25:db:30:9d:3f)

How to list your device on MAC Address Filtering?

1. Go back to the homepage of your Router Control Panel.

2. Click General Setup Tab > then click Wireless > then Click the MAC Address Filtering > Click Next

3. This page are the list of MAC Addresses that are filtered by your router. To add, on MAC Address textbox, write your MAC Address without the colon, for example if your MAC address is 84:25:db:30:9d:3f, just type 8425db309d3f, then on Comment textbox, write the description or name of your device then click the Add Button.

4. if you want to add more device just keep adding, when your done check the Enable Wireless Access Control then click the Apply button. then a confirmation page will appear just click the Apply button again and your router will restart for 30 seconds.

That is how to enable and used MAC Address Filtering on your router, Hope this post help you with your problem! If you have another way on getting the MAC address or security with your router feel free to drop a comment below!


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