Pattern Lockscreen for Samsung Bada Wave 3, 2, 1 and Wave M, Y

This theme will turn your Samsung Wave 3, 2, 1 and Wave M, Y Phone Idle mode into a Pattern Lock Screen. The theme is now sold for $2.00 at You can change and save your own pattern for unlocking the phone, change the wallpaper and play Mp3 Player when its idle mode.

Some features of the theme are the Music Player, where you can Play, Stop, Next and Previous music on the lock screen page. In addition, the player will automatically hide if the Music Player is not active. They also added the tracking of Message and Missed Calls.

You can download the Apps for Free at

For Wave 3 (S8600), Wave 2 (S8530), Wave 1 (S8500)

For Wave M (S7250), Wave Y (S5380)

If you ever forgot your pattern code, you can email at or visit

Please support the developer if you like the theme (


By erwinbantilan

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  1. Buddy!.. the music playr, msgs and missed col fnctions dont wrk in the pattern lock !!… I.e. when the screen is locked!!…
    and please can u send me a .smt file of this theme @ my mail – as bada 2.0 has a bug that when we install this theme then suddenly all other themes dont wrk or it dsnt display the theme unless all other themes are deleted etc. πŸ™‚
    thnx in advance

  2. Hi Rishiraj,

    The music player will be available on the next update.. you need to download the theme on samsungapps to get it free, when you update it soon..

    There are no bugs on 2.0, it just happen you internally access the bada system and install the theme directly.. This will make the Samsung theme goes wrong..

    Just delete all .smt theme copied on the theme/download folder, then restart your phone and download the theme on samsungapps..

    Thanks again Rishiraj

  3. πŸ™‚
    very good work bro,
    but i noticed one thing that if we get a missed call from a number which is not saved in contects then in missed call notification (in lockscreen) we get unwanted characters before phone number

    e.g. country code of india is 91
    so the mobile gets displayed as +91XXXXXXXXXX
    but in lockscreen notification we get something like

    I hope that u will fix this in update of this theme… lol just kidding

    thanks in advance
    dont forget to update to update this in samsung kies too..
    we downloaded as free and now it has been made paid πŸ™

  4. Is this forum still open? been trying to get this apps but in the site its not free anymore, ? any sugestion where i can get? im in the middle east.

  5. i am manojkumar binny,
    i am using the samsung wave y mobile ,i want the pattern lock screen,how would it can be download ,plz tell me the way of download

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