C++ Math Addition Source Code

This C++ Program, will ask the user to input 2 integer number and display the sum of the 2 value. Below are the sample Screenshot of the Program.

Note: This code only work on old Borland Turbo C++.

Sample Screenshot C++ Addition

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This code works on old C++ version

If your using new version of C++, kindly used this code:

Download Source Code Below:

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  2. hi! can u make a c++ program that applies the six sorting algo (bubble sort, selection sort, quick sort, insertion sort, shell sort and heap sort).. the user should select 1 sorting algorithm and inputs an array of numbers to be sorted (at least 5 numbers),, then it should also display the sorted array..tnx…project man gud namo kay sir sibonga…salamat…soar high maristas…:D

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