C++ Count the Vowel of a String Source Code

This C++ Program, will asked the user to input string characters and display the counted vowel from A, E, I, O, and U. Vowel with Zero count will not be displayed on the Program.

Note: The code below is using the old Functions, Header of C++ and only work on 90’s Turbo C++.

Sample Screenshot Count Vowel

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Download Source Code Below:

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By erwinbantilan

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  1. This is not C++. Anyone who teaches you to code that way does not deserve to teach at all.

    a. You are using the wrong header files.
    b. The return value of main() is not defined, and not the standard. And yet, at the end, you return 0.
    c. clrscr()? getch(), wtf?
    d. gets()? why still use C headers?
    e. strlen()? why bother?

    Here is my version of your program:

  2. @arzon.. actually arzon this is my VERY FIRST PROGRAM i ever coded 6 years ago.. ok?

    we are not allowed to used CLASSES, UDF, and ETC…

    I dont care if its STANDARD or NOT.. What is important I coded the right program…

  3. Christine: Who cares? Insecure? Part of software engineering is learning when other people correct your code. I corrected his work, where is insecurity in that? Can you give more constructive comments?

    Erwin: You don’t really need classes for writing a solution to something as simple of a problem as this. And you should really care about the standards, 6 years ago is 2006. ISO/IEC 14882:2003 already exists during that time (though I see you have edited your post to show that it only works on an archaic compiler). You may have the right program but doing it incorrectly is still wrong.

  4. @arzon: yes arzon, I understand what you’re trying to say.. but kindly respect my post, as if you know everything..

    The old Turbo C++ 90’s coding is using the old headers stdio for scanf and printf functions equivalent for iostream cout and cin… the other function is for clear and pause display purposes only..

    and for your information, I am very proud of my teacher, who taught me this..

    Now to explain everything, I copied your code on Turbo C++, now see how many errors your codes have:


    See now why we coded (HACK) like this arzon? Those Standards you are saying will not work on old Turbo C++.. got it?

  5. Of course it won’t work in a 90’s era compiler, you just recently added the note on your post that it was coded in Turbo C++!

  6. No Problem Arzon! Your comments helps me figure out, the difference of the old C++ coding from the new C++ coding..

    Thanks a LOT Arzon! I appreciate your help ๐Ÿ˜€

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