Philippine Red Cross (Gensan)


WHOLE BLOOD                                                                 Php 1,500.00

PACKED RED BLOOD CELLS                                          Php 1,100.00

FRESH FROZEN PLASMA                                                Php    700.00

PLATELET CONCENTRATE                                             Php    700.00

PLATELET RICH PLASMA                                                Php    700.00

Alang sa kasayuran sa tanan ang DUGO wala  ginabaligya, ang inyong ginabayaran mao ang PAGPROSESO sa  DUGO (BLOOD EXAMINATION), mao kini ang mga sumosunod:

  1. Hepatitis B virus test
  2. Syphilis test
  3. Hepatitis C virus test
  4. HIV test
  5. Malaria test
  6. Blood typing
  7. Blood bag
  8. Lancet
  9. Cotton
  10. Providence iodine
  11. Plaster
  12. Operation expenses
  13. Interview sheet, sticker ug uban pa

Note: The information above are base on the Blood Processing Fee Posted in the Front desk of Philippine Red Cross Office here in General Santos City

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