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How to Compile Tesseract Git Project on Windows

Jan 28, 2016 No Comments by 5537 Views

I’ve spend almost 2 day struggling how to compile tesseract project on Windows, encountered too many errors, missing ddl, path issue, etc.. To make it short, here are the easy and complete step on how to compile Tesseract Github Project on Windows 10, 8, 7 or XP. Program Requirement: First Thing, you need to have […]

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How to Activate Retina Mode in XCode iOS Simulator

Nov 16, 2012 No Comments by 2518 Views

If you are using MacBook Pro Retina, you probably looking how to activate retina mode in iOS Simulator. To activate this feature Run your program first in Xcode then on iOS Simulator, go to the Menu > then Press Hardware > then Device > then select one of the retina selection iPhone (Retina 3.5 inch), […]

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C++ Count the Vowel of a String Source Code

Jul 16, 2011 10 Comments by 4632 Views

This C++ Program, will asked the user to input string characters and display the counted vowel from A, E, I, O, and U. Vowel with Zero count will not be displayed on the Program. Note: The code below is using the old Functions, Header of C++ and only work on 90’s Turbo C++. Please add […]

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C++ Math Addition Source Code

Jul 16, 2011 6 Comments by 3882 Views

This C++ Program, will ask the user to input 2 integer number and display the sum of the 2 value. Below are the sample Screenshot of the Program. Note: This code only work on old Borland Turbo C++. Please add credit to GensanBlog.com, when you use it on your website. This code works on old […]

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C++ Bingo Game Source Code

Jul 15, 2011 6 Comments by 19733 Views

This C++ Bingo Game allows you to pick 1 to 4 combination cards. Consist of 60 possible numbers, each cards consist of 25 numbers, when a first cards fill 5 numbers forming a line, declares as a winner. Note: This code only work on old Borland Turbo C++. Please add credit to GensanBlog.com, when you […]

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Download Turbo C++ Version 3.0 (1990 Borland International, Inc)

Jun 21, 2011 No Comments by 8148 Views

Download the 1990’s Turbo C++ Version 3.0 by Borland International. This downloadable program is for educational purposes only. Note: This program will not work on Windows 7 and Windows Vista OS. UPDATE: We have added a new version of TurboC++ that can be run in Windows 7 and Windows 8. Please check this link (http://gensanblog.com/2013/04/07/download-turbo-c-for-xp-windows-7-and-windows-8/) […]

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