How to Use Android Phone as a Remote Control to Your Air Conditioner

Did you know that you can actually use your mobile phone as a universal remote control to your air conditioner? It also works on TV, Electric Fan, Projector, Disk Player and Cable Box.


To start you need to have an android phone with Infrared Sensor mostly new phone has this feature, in my example I am using Samsung S6.. Next is you have to download SURE Universal Remote ( from Google Play Store.

Once you’re done downloading the apps. Follow the step-by-step instruction below:

1. Open the application.

2. Press the Devices button, then Press + Add button.

Screenshot_2016-02-12-23-52-41 Screenshot_2016-02-12-23-52-47

3. Now, pop-up will appear, Select Infra-Red (IR) Device. Then Press Next Arrow Button. On the next screenshot Select Air Conditioner, once done press next.

Screenshot_2016-02-12-23-52-53 Screenshot_2016-02-12-23-53-05

4. Now, You have to select or identify the brand of your Air Conditioner. In my case I am using LG, after identifying press Next Arrow Button. Next phase is you have to test the remote settings until you got the right one. In order to test, just point your phone to your AC, then press Power Off or Power On.. If it won’t work, just press the Next Remote button to try the next settings.. Repeat the process until you got the correct settings.. Once done, press the Accept Remote button.

Screenshot_2016-02-12-23-53-16 Screenshot_2016-02-12-23-53-22

5. Lastly, add a name for your device then press the Check button.

Voila! You can now remote your AC from your phone.. And if you’re thinking of trolling your neighbors AC, Yes it will definitely works! Leave comments for your suggestions! Thank you for reading this article..

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