Manage Your Google After You’re Death

What will happen to our Google account after you’re death? Google has this feature “Inactive Account Manager” or I call it “Death Account Manager” this will allow you to put control to your account when we die, you can forward or share your account up to 10 closest friend or family member or opt to delete everything from your account when inactivity reaches specific period of time (3 months, 6 months, 9 months, 12 months, 15 months or 18 months).


To Setup Inactive Account Manager:

1. Just simply login your Google account to your gmail (

2. After login, go to Inactive Account Manager page via this link (

3. Click the Setup button below


4. Now setting up. Alert me, Incase you’re not death or you just have a vacation for a couple of months and didn’t access your Google Account. This settings will allow you to notified specific numbers or email you, before doing actions from your account.


6. The next is the “Timeout Period”, this is where you set how many months you wish Google inactive will be activated.


7. Notify contacts and share data, this part is where you add your trusted contacts that will manage your account after your death or inactivity. You also have an option to set auto-response email. If someone will email you, you can set an automated reply to inform then that you are death 🙂


8. The last part is optional, If this is enabled everything from your Google account will be delete from YouTube, Gmail, Photos and even your Blog.


9. When you are done click the button Enabled below.

Congratulation! It’s done 🙂

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