Battlefield 4 won’t start (How to fixed it)

The exclusive beta for Battlefield 4 just released last October 1, 2013. Unfortunately after downloading and installing the beta, the game won’t start and nothing happen after clicking the Play button or the desktop shortcut.

I’m using Windows 8.1 and my graphic card is GTX 660, I also try updating my video card driver to 331.40 and still nothing.

I will update this post when i got a solution!


I found a solution and fixed this problem. The problem is in my default web browser, since Battlefield 4 is launch in a Web browser when selecting campaign, multiplayer or your account, Battlefield 4 shortcut must open your default web browser. So, to fixed this problem you need to reset your default web browser.

For Firefox, go to Tools, Option, Advanced, then click the “Make firefox as Default Web browser”.

For Google chrome, Settings, Tools, and select “Make Google Chrome my default browser”.

Or simply go to to select a game and play.

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