How to Reformat Macbook Pro Retina (MacOS)

It’s my first time to reformat a Mac OS and it’s quite different from Windows interface.. Reformatting on Mac OS is definitely much quick and easier than Windows.

So to start with, We need the following checklist item before reformatting:

  • Back up your data.
  • Internet connection is required.
  • Must be connected to power adapter.

How to reformat MAC OS:

1. Restart or Turn on your Mac, after the shime sound press and hold “OPTION” key from your keyboard until the OS X utilities appear.


2. Select Disk Utility to reformat your hard drive or make partition.


3. Select the drive that you want to reformat and erase all data, then click the “Erase” button. After reformatting go back to “OS X Utilities” menu.


4. Now select Reinstall OS X, then click “Continue”.


5. On OS X installation page just press the “Continue” button, and an verification pop up will prompt you “To download and restore OS X, your computer’s eligibility will be verified with Apple.” just press “Continue”


6. If you have time reading the software license agreement just scroll and read it.. then press “Agree”.


7. Now select the drive “Macintosh HD” or usually the drive on the right side, then press “Install”.

Note: You must not select the drive “Recovery HD”, because this contains the recovery drive where OS X Utilities is installed or boot.


8. Now, just wait until the installation is complete.


Your Macbook will automatically restart when the download and installation is complete. Congrats for your brand new OS šŸ™‚

This guides also works on other version of Mac (Macbook Air, Macbook Pro, Mac Mini, iMac or Mac Pro).

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