How to get Postal ID in the Philippines

Postal ID is the fastest government ID that you can get in the Philippines, you can claim it in 1 to 3 days after you register. But you need to complete first the requirement to apply for Postal ID:


NSO Birth-Certificate
Photocopy only.

Purok Clearance (25.00 PHP)
You can get this in your Purok where you live, this actually cost 25 PHP and a requirement to get your Barangay Clearance.

Cedula and Barangay Clearance (85.00 PHP)
You can get this in your Barangay Hall. If it’s your first time to get your Cedula, you need to fill up the form and submit it to the officer. For those who have cedula already you just submit old Cedula and don’t forget to update your weight (kilos).

For Barangay Clearance, together with your CEDULA and Purok Clearance submit it to the officer and tell them that its for Postal ID and Police Clearance. After getting your Cedula and Barangay Clearance, you need to go to your nearest Police Station where you live and have your barangay clearance STAMP.

Police Clearance (80.00 PHP + 21.00PHP)
Pay first at your City Hall for the Police Clearance Documentary STAMP which is cost 21 PHP. After paying, you need to Photocopy each of your Cedula, Barangay Clearance, Receipt from City Hall and Purok Clearance. Then you can now proceed to your City’s Main Police Station to submit these requirement and fill up the Police Clearance Form.

Submit this form and pay 80.00 PHP to the officer, then wait for your turn for them to get your Finger Prints and Photo ID. After this, a Police Officer will advised you when you can claim your Police Clearance, for me I actually get it on the next day.

Postal ID (475.00 PHP + 120.00 PHP)
Go to your Postal office and asked for a FORM it’s FREE, you need to fill up this form first and have a 2 Photocopy of it and you also need to photocopy your (Cedula, Barangay Clearance, Purok Clearance, NSO Birth Certificate and Police Clearance) then go to the postal office registrar to pay 475.00 PHP fee (ID Lamination, ID Picture, Id and Notarized of your document).  They will also asked you to pay 120.00 PHP again.

You need to wait 1 to 2 days in order for you get your Postal ID. The total amount that you can spent on getting Postal ID is 806.00 PHP.

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