Battle of the “Bandang-ilalayag Ang Gensan” Guidelines and Criteria

Competition Guidelines and Criteria

  1. An Open category band competition amateur or professional that ages 15- 40 years old
  2. A group that composed of 5-8 members mix or male and female that residing only in General Santos City with proof of evidence like proof of billing of Socoteco or water district, certificate of the barangay, birth certificates(NSO)
  3. They must represent any agency in the city like private or public school, out of school youth, offices, barangay and group of professional within the city.
  4. During the Contest the group will perform one cover song local or foreign as their warm-up song (25% in the judging)
  5. One composition or adaptation that will fit the Theme “Convergence in Divergence: Enriching Heritage, Bridging Cultures”. This is our theme for the Kalilangan 2013.“ ANG BANDANG ILALAYAG ANG GENSAN – lyrics will talk and promote the beauty of gensan specifically its TOURIST SPOTS to promote the city.
  6. Adopted music will only accept from the 60’s, 70s’ and 80’s OPM bands/group like(Apo hiking society, Juan Dela Cruz band, Asin, Banyuhay, Boyfriends, VST and company, Sampaguita, and the likes) lyrics will talks about the beauty and Culture of the City. Must submit the pre-recorded audio and the lyrics with the picture gallery of the group including their names and addresses. Submission of the said requirements will be on January 30, 2013 8:00 am to 5:00 P.M. at the Graduate school office pls. ask for the Kalilangan 2013 secretariat miss Alma Aguja or miss Zeta for info or call 302-0052 or text and z
  7. The composition must be original and never been play in public, radio, and any tv shows locally and abroad.
  8. No bands or group will accept during the Final screening.
  9. A Final screening will be on February 20, 2013, Thursday at 7:30p.m. (VENUE TO BE ARRANGE)There will be a Cancelation of performance if the performers are late on the said call time.
  10. The final competition will be on February 25, 2013 7:00pm at oval plaza stage.
  11. Failure to follow the guidelines will automatically disqualify.
  12. The decision of the judges will be final and irrevocable.
  13. Criteria’s are:
  • Quality of over-all musical presentation/Prosodic approach and the value of lyric – 40%
  • Arrangement of the music /blending/harmony etc. – 20%
  • Musicianship/ professionalism of the group on stage – 20%
  • Dynamics and dexterity of the presentation – 20%
  • Total of 100%


  1. Any Philippine indiginous musical instruments and tribal chanting are free to orchestrate in this event.
  2. A minimum of 5 indigenous instruments every group and/or up to as many ethnic instruments as you can that will make harmony with an Asian taste music from all the selected instrument you recreate.
  3. You may use the guitar, bass, drums, keyboards as long as the music will dominated by the said Ethnic instruments.
  4. Pentatonic or sixtatonic to complicated harmony as long as the music will diliberately in Festivity mode.
  5. Theme will include the lyrics within the song “Convergence in Divergence: Enriching Heritage, Bridging Cultures”. This is our theme for the Kalilangan 2012.covering ETNIKO-MUSIKAHANG SARI-LIKHA SA GENSAN – Mga pinagsamang instrumento ng mga katutubong gensan at awiting bago na mula sa mga katutubo o settlers dito, na nanirahan at lumaki kasama ang mga ninuno pa.(ETHNO-FUSION MUSIC CONVERGENCE)
  6. There should be one tribal pop/jazz/rock/reggae song ( Cover OPM is encourage to promote our music) to be render before the 4 minutes ethnofusion music as your contest piece.
  7. 25% for the warm up song and 75% for the contest piece composition in judging.
  8. Members of the group will only be residence in General Santos City with the proof of evidence ( Residence certificate, proof of billing, authenticated by the Barangay Captain, School I.D. With address and the likes).
  9. Thier orchestrated songs must be original and never been performed in radio, tv, and any public performances.(or default)
  10. Submit a row material of the composition(mp3 or mp4 wave file thru USB) at the Kalilangan Secretariate MSU High school, Graduate School, Laurel st. GSC or call Landline number 302-0052 or text Bob Pasion 09262146260 for inquiry. Also leave your band leader contack number for any further announcement.
  11. There will be a final screening on February 20, 2013 at 7:30pm (Venue willto be arrange)Any interested group submit the name of the Group, title of the songs to render, picture galerie and the contact number.
  12. Criteria are as follows:
  • Tuned and in harmony are clear and explainable/Asianic music – 30%
  • Dynamics and Organized playing techniques – – 30%
  • Palatable to audience and fit to all age each genra – 25%
  • Over all impact/stage show/costumes – 15%
  • Total of 100%
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