Google Heinrich Hertz’s 155th Birthday

Today, February 22, 2011 is birth of Heinrich Hertz a German physicist who clarified and enhanced the electromagnetic theory of light. He successfully demonstrate the possible of electromagnetic waves by inventing apparatus that can detect waves and produce it. Heinrich Hertz was born in Harmburg, Germany, her wife is Elizabeth Hertz and has 2 daughter Joanna and Mathilde. Hertz died at age 36 due to infection after sever migraine.

Google dedicated a doodle logo showing a wave animation.

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  1. Heinrich Hertz did his experiments uncovering the electromagnetic waves in Karlsruhe, a city in the southern part of Germany where now the University Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, KIT for short is located. Without Hertz there would be no radio, tv and cellphones. And Otto Lehman, his successor after Hertz death at far too young age of 36, did explore the liquid crystals in Karlsruhe. Imagine a cellphone, computer monitor or LCD tv without them.
    So Im proud I could do my studies there when Julius Wess did teach theoretical physics. But this will be another story, especially once they will find some SUSY particles at the LHC at CERN in Switzerland.

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