How to create Facebook Page Tab / Welcome Page

This tutorial will show you a step by step ways on how to add facebook page tab or Welcome Page on Facebook.

Creating Facebook Application

To start, you need to create a Facebook Application on Facebook Developer Page (

1. Click Create New App to create a new Facebook Application.

2. Fill up the form with your desired App display Name and Namespace, then click Continue.

3. Your new facebook application will show up, then under “Select how your app integrates with Facebook” click “Page Tab”, Then fill it up with your (Page Tab Name is the name appear on the Left Navigation of your Facebook Page, Page Tab URL is your iframe page, Secure Page Tab URL is the https version of your iframe page, Page Tab Edit URL is the page for admin access.), then click Save Changes.

4. After saving the changes, view your application profile by clicking the View App Profile Page link on the Left side navigation.

5. Your Facebook Application Profile will appear, then click the “Add to My Page” link from the left navigation.

6. Finally add your Facebook Tab Application to your Facebook Page.

If the “View App Profile Page” is missing, you can simply navigate to this address (

Sample Welcome Page we created:

Read More about Facebook Tab Tutorial at Facebook Developer (

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