Battlefield 3 : Stuck on Kaffarov Investigate the Pool House

You might experience some glitches on this level, this happen when a Russian soldier warned you about Solomon plan to detonate a nuclear bomb on New York, an American soldier run down from stairs and warned you to “get down on the ground” and shot you.

To complete this level, you need to shot the American Soldier. Some people experiencing problem shooting the American Soldier, to shot successfully, just fire a single shot (1 left click).

This glitch may took you several times to try.

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  1. I tried everithing, I tried, getting on the ground, shooting, runing away and nothing worked, I’ll try this, I hope I don’t have to restart the mission

  2. I’ve tried shooting him about 10 times, multiple attempts at clicking the button… never fired a round, tried crouching, going prone, running into the pool, jumping, firing again… I guess I’ll keep trying to fire!……

  3. Here’s how I did it successfully.

    I held down the shoot trigger on the XBOX controller while rapidly clicking on the left-click button on the mouse.

  4. if you hold the aim button before the marine comes down the stairs you pull the fire button. you don’t actually have to aim, thecomputer kills the target. in other words you don’t need to be accurate. This worked for the ps3. so happy i’m friggen past this part wtf.

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