Dolefil – Chairs for Trees Program

The Chairs for Trees Program was a Community Development Reciprocating Action Project of Dolefil, It is a three-fold project which promotes environmental protection through the recycling of companies wooden pallets and giving the finished product to the beneficiary. The beneficiary of the school chairs are obliged to plant and grow one tree for every P 10.00 Pesos worth of Company Assistance. They must also achieved 80% survival rate for the planted trees, otherwise the beneficiary are no longer qualified to request for a chair unless they will replace it.

The Unified Engineering and Manpower Services Multi-Purpose Cooperative is the main manufacturer of the chairs product, the wooden used in manufacturing the chair is from the recycled wooden pallets from the Dolefil, every chair is worth P270.00. The chairs is distributed by the Mahintana Foundation, Inc., who identified the possible beneficiary of the chair from public schools, churches and day-care center, they also regularly checked the status of every trees planted by the beneficary.

The Mt. Matutum Federation of Marginal Farmers Association, an all-women cooperative community from Mt. Matutum are the main supplier of Mahagony Seedling used for tree planting.

A Big Thanks to Dolefil for taking care the environment and supporting the schools on the region.

Especial thanks to Gwyn Ann Marie Ebol, Mel Hernandez and Kinmark Depaylan for facilitating the SoxBlogger on the Dolefil CSR Tour.

Dole Philippines, Inc:

  • Location: 9504 Polomolok, South Cotabato, Philippines
  • Contact Number: +63(83) 500 2500
  • Official Website:

 Mahintana Foundation, Inc:

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  1. BARDIAS ADO MPC has a project that can help the farmers raise their income through the Palay Trading/Farmers. The farmers don’t need to depend on middlemen to convert their yield to money. These cooperatives also provide medical missions, scholarship grants, hospitalization assistance and many others.

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