Gensan Tuna Pop Song Writing Competition (July 17, 2011)

Theme: “Pamana ng mga pangarap”


The theme “Pamana ng mga Pangarap” emphasized the dreams of every created being who leave a life with legacy from their noble aspirations through the achievements of song writing, composing with full of inspirations that music is the spirit of life. Every song writer and composer would left a meaningful messages of his composition of its melodies and harmony with endless tunes and memories.

The Event:
A Songwriting Competition

Who may participate:
Open to all interested budding song writer and composers.

A must for the Song:

  1. The melody and lyrics of the song must be entirely original.
  2. The performance length of the song must be 3 to 5 minutes only.
  3. The lyrics of the song must be in English, Tagalog or in the vernacular or may be a combination of any of the foregoing. It must depict only constructive impressions, infused with life’s circumstances, heritage or socio-economic situations.
  4. The song must be in any of the following form:

4.1 Pop Jazz 4.4. Alternative Rock
4.2 Rn B 4. 5 Reggae
4.3 Folk / Country 4. 6 Upbeat

Requirements for the Entry

  1. A participant may submit only one (1) entry. Once he or she has submitted his or her entry, he or she may not submit another entry whether an individual or part of a shared or group endeavor..
  2. The melody of the song must be performed in a single vocal line or with back-up vocal arrangements.
  3. The instrumentation must consist of multiple musical instruments.

The Entry Format:

1. The entry must be submitted to the organizers in a sealed long brown envelope with the following contents/Filled-up entry form

  • One (1) CD or DVD disk containing the entry song
  • Five (5) copies of the song lyrics

A letter written to the event organizers signifying the intention to join in the competition and must bear the original signature(s) of the lyricist(s) and/or the music creator(s). Submission of song entries must be personally submitted by the concerned song composer, arranger, interpreter at the TUNA COUNCIL OFFICE at 2nd floor, Atrium, Gaisano Mall every Sunday at 2:00PM to 5:00PM this city.

2. The entry must be tendered in CD/DVD disk format

Only the entry song must be the content of the CD / DVD disk copy
The title of the entry must be written on the front side of the CD/DVD disk copy

The Criteria for Judging

A. Screening of Compositions:

  • 40% Melody and Harmony
  • 30% Lyrical Content and Suitability
  • 30% Appropriateness and Originality of Combinations of Music and Textual elementsB.

Final Performance:

  • 35% Quality of Composition (includes depth, insight, cleverness, realness)
  • 35% Quality of Vocal Rendering (includes vocal quality, pitch, delivery, etc.)
  • 30% Quality of Overall Performance(includes instrumental technique, stage presence, audience rapport)

Guidelines and Mechanics for Screening and Judging:

  1. Only eight (8( entries will be chosen as finalists for the competition.
  2. The composer and/or lyricist may be allowed to work out on recommendations and suggestions for further enhancement of his or her song.
  3. The composer and/or lyricist may opt to select the singer(s) and instrumentalists who will interpret and/or work out on his or her song in the final performance.
  4. The 8 finalist-entries shall be performed and judged on a final performance competition night on September 4, 2011 at 6:00PM at the Oval Plaza Stage.
  5. The decision of the Board of Judges in the Screening of Compositions and Final Performance shall be final and indisputable.

Restrictions of Participation:

  1. The composers and or lyricists shall hold the Local Government of General Santos City, Tuna Festival Council, and all members of the Gensan Tuna Pop song writing competition committee (MUSIKALILANGAN) free and harmless from any suit, obligation, expenses or liability arising from any fraud or misrepresentation in connection with the song entry submitted to the said competition.
  2. All finalists are required to attend and participate in all promotional, publicity, production, recording, rehearsal, and finals night activities connected with the competition.
  3. The committee members, Board of Judges, and anybody who will be involved in the conduct of this competition shall be prohibited from submitting their entry compositions in order to avoid conflict of interest.

General Provision

  1. All finalist-entries will automatically become the property of the MUSIKALILANGAN and TUNA FESTIVAL COUNCIL of General Santos City.

Schedule of Activities:

  • July 17, 2011 – Start Receiving of Composed Song Entries
  • July 24,2011 – First screening of song composition entries
  • July 31 2011 – Second Screening of song composition entries
  • August 7, 2011 – Third Screening of song composition entries
  • August 14, 2011 – Fourth Screening of song composition entries
  • August 21, 2011 – Selection of eight (8) finalists
  • August 28, 2011 – Musical rehearsal and Pre-Judging by Board of
  • For the 8 remaining finalists
  • September 4, 2011 – Final Performance Night at the Oval Plaza


  • Grand Winner – Php 20,000.00 + Trophy
  • First Runner-Up – 15,000.00 + Trophy
  • Second Runner-Up – 10,000.00 + Trophy
  • Consolation Prizes – 1,000.00 for each non-winning finalists

 For Network Inquiry:

  • Facebook account: katribumusikalilangan
  • Email Add:
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