How to Fixed Eject Problem on CD-ROM/DVD-ROM

Do you have problem ejecting your CD-ROM/DVD-ROM? Long Pressing the eject buttons so many times or inserting pins in the pin hole just to open the Cd tray.

Prepare for the following item:

1. Knife, nail cutter or Any Sharp Object that can pull the Circle Cover of the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM
2. Index Card or any Paper that can reduce the magnetic field.
3. Scissor

How to Fixed:

1. Get the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM from your Computer

Liteon CD/DVD-Rom

2. Pull up the Top Circle Cover on your CD-ROM/DVD-ROM with your knife or nail cutter. (Note: This cover is pasted with double tape only)
Pull up the Top circle on the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM

3. Take off the Black Circle in the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM
Take off the another circle inside the CD-ROM

4. Cut a small pieces of circle from your index card and cut a hole on the center of it. Make sure the circle will fit in the plastic circle. (This will slowdown the magnetic force from pulling the tray)
Cut a Circle with a hole from index card

5. Attached the index-card to the plastic circle then closed it with the metal circle.
Attacjed the index-card to the plastic circle

6. Next, Put back the Circle inside the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM
Put back the Circle

7. Finally, Closed the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM with the Metal Circle Cover.
Closed the CD-ROM/DVD-ROM

Then that’s it, you can now test your CD-ROM/DVD-ROM with no more eject problem.

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