1. please tell me how to make this guitar works..if i already download the png n the swf file for this guitar??

  2. @ Fidow… you need to include the javascript files to make the guitar works..

  3. @erwin Thanks, but please post instructions as to which files we need to play this from our desktop

    @bhavik, how about just uploading the file to a free web storage (rapidshare, yousendit, etc) and posting the link?


    1. Thanks!

      For those who don’t know how to get the sound, here’s what I did.

      1. Unzip Erwin’s folder wherever you want to save it:

      2. Enter this URL in your default browser:


      3. In the Adobe Flash settings panel on the page, click Edit locations, then Add location and enter the following address, then Confirm:

      *the path where you’ve unzipped the folder*, slash, guitar.swf

      So fi you unzipped to C:\guitar11 for example, the path would be:


      This works for me.

  4. @ Jabalong – do you know what I have to do if I’m a mac user?

    @ Erwin – Can you please give me the HTMl code for this Doodle, I’m trying to make it a gadget.

    1. @ Melabolic:

      He just followed the instruction at my site, today i’ll test the procedure on my mac virtual machine and give you feedback. Have you got snow leopard?

  5. The version has updated with a function that can record and play the tune. Anyone figured out the source yet?

  6. I like this Song!!!
    Yine Bir Gülnihal (From Turkey 🙂 )
    1651234 4655676 6984565 1651234 8768766576

    i discovered that notes 😀 😉

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