Motorcycle Head Design “Ninjator”

Most of the motorcycle enthusiast modifying their motorcycle from the standard designs. Here is a prototype design which are combined by the artistic design of my brother Arnel Bantilan and me. The design is a predator like head combine with a ninja mask. Which we call the “NINJATOR MASK”



Motorcycle Head Design Right Side View
Motorcycle Head Design Left Side View
Motorcycle Head Design Front View

The original Raider J Pro head was covered with the “Ninjator Mask”, since it was not fully finished and were still thinking about it’s headlight how to fabricate the lens. The head size is patterned to the original head.


Ninjator (Semi Painted "Front)

Here is the Front View of the Ninjator colored with Red Orange and Below are the Right, Left Side View of the Ninjator.


Ninjator (Semi Painted Right Side View)


Ninjator (Semi Painted Left Side View)
Ninjator (Semi Painted Front-Worms Eye View)

The Size of the Ninjator is suited on the face which could be used for Face costume.

Ninjator Mask
Ninjator Masked


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