Dota 6.70c AI Plus Download Released

To all DOTA Gamers on Gensan, you can now download the latest AI map of Dota Warcraft III hosted via

Dota 6.70 loading screenshot

The awaited Dota 6.70c AI maps includes 2 new heroes and 3 new items:


  • Tuskar – Skills (Ice shards, snowball, frozen sigil, walrus punch)
  • Phoenix – Skills (Icarus dive, Fire Spirits, Sun Ray, SuperNova)


  • Ancient Janggo of Endurance – Gains ( +8 All Stats, + 8 Damage, + 5% MS and AS Aura)
  • Medallion of Courage – Gains ( +6 Armor, + 50% Mana Regeneration)
  • Smoke of Deceit – Comsumable (Buff lasts up to 40 seconds, 90 Cooldown, Makes allies Invisible, +10 movement speed)

Download Link:

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