Encash your US Dollar Check in UnionBank

Do you have problem en-cashing your US dollar check? you don’t have US Dollar Account in the Philippines especially in Gensan?

Below are the Sample Adbrite cheque, en-cashed in Unionbank.

Sample Adbrite US Dollar Cheque

You can easily en-cash US dollar check to your UnionBank account, using your PESO savings account or EON savings account by filling-up the Check Deposit Slip and by writing your signature and UnionBank Account number at the back of your check. Submit this to teller and note them this check is “for collection”.

Sample Deposit Cheque Slip

Clearing check will take 25 to 60 days to complete the transaction. You will be notified on your Online Account at http://unionbankph.com when the transaction is completed.

[UPDATE] Below is the screenshot of successful transaction, almost 62 days:

Deposited last April 21, cleared last June 23, 2011

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  1. Hi, will this only work in Gensan? or is this a Unionbank thing? I’ll be receiving my adbrite and I’ve been checking ways how to encash it. I also have an EON that’s why I’m interested if this will work here in Manila rin. Thanks in advance!

  2. Hi Pauelene, Yep it will work as long as you have eon card.. just fill-up the check form and tell the teller “For Collection” that’s it.. it will take 20 to 30 days for clearing..

  3. I got my cheque from CJ… but stated there: Drawn on Bank of America Branch 6059 in Makati City. It is in Peso currency.

    Do i have to go to Makati just to enchash my cheque?

    Or We can enchash this here in General Santos City?

    Does anyone experienced this?

  4. Me too. My adbrite check came, I tried to do exactly what you did, and they said I had to open up a $ account with them. I told them that I found instructions to do it from someone from gensan (who did it successfully), then the manager said your branch might be in trouble for doing so because it’s not allowed daw in all unionbank branches.

  5. @paulene

    Hi Paulene,

    What I do is, I asked their Customer Support if i can Deposit my adbrite chique without dollar account, They said “YES” it can be encash using peso account but they will convert it to PESO and will take too long time to be cleared (almost 60 days).. You can check my latest screenshot above.. and she instructed me how to fill it up, then I deposited my chique to the teller and the teller said “received ko lng to sir” then that’s it.. then after 3 months of waiting my dollar check was successfully encashed (check the latest screenshot)..

    I don’t have problem encashing my adbrite chique on that branch.

  6. Aww. customer support? as in their call center?

    I went directly to the Pasig branch, followed your instructions in filling up the deposit slip, and when the teller asked if I’m OK for it to be converted to peso, I said yes. (Kainis nga because the teller had asked me to write my bank details, and signature pa on the back of the check, even if she wasn’t sure they could accept the check grrr.) Then she called the manager for approval, then told me I have to open a $ account pa. 🙁 hehe bummer.

    Ansaya ko pa man din kse it only took 5 business days from the time Adbrite processed the payment to delivery of the letter here in pasig.

  7. i dont know why you have issues with this guys.

    honestly, i successfully enchash my dollar cheque to UB.
    i just told them to deposit the $$$ money to my EON.

    and after 4 days, i got my money in my account.

  8. @Paulene i mean ung customer support sa loob ng bank paulene, as for now paulene diretso na ako deposit sa teller, lagay ko lng ung Chique number sa form, amount, bank ng chique, tapos bigay agad sa teller, tapos sasabi lng ung teller “Received ko lng to sir?” tapos yun.. hintay na lng ma cleared ung chique.. sa akin 2 chique yung dineposit ko.. ung isa last April 20, 2011 then ung other naman is mga May.. then na cleared ung 2 chique last june 23, 2011.

    maybe paulene you can try other branch… ka c 2 branch unionbank dito sa gensan.. then ung bagong branch ng unionbank dito, sanay na sla sa mga online transaction, paypal, dollar chique, etc.. kaya pag mag tanong ka sa kanila about nito may alam agad silang isasagot..

  9. I’m in the same boat with Paulene here, I just recently emailed adbrite to cancel the check they sent me because I am having trouble encashing it here. I have already tried metrobank, union bank bdo, all requiring me to have a dollar account with them. I even thought that having an eon card since it’s visa but I always get the same answer.

    One note: I only tried the Unionbank near my office I have not tried it on the branch where I opened my account yet.

  10. Any updates on this one? I have a check from an Australian bank and I’m planning to encash it here in Iloilo, though the response so far that I got is to open a dollar account (from BDO and RCBC). I have an EON at Unionbank so I’ll be inquiring to them by tomorrow. Will be posting an update on that. Hopefully it will be a positive response. *crosses fingers*

  11. I want to thank you for this information. I have 230 US dollar check on me delivered by an affiliate network on a monthly basis and I want to try union bank to deposit my check. This really helped me alot. Hope you will also visit my blog for tutorials on how to make huge amounts of money online. thanks guys 🙂

  12. Hi Erwin, i got 2 cheques, from alertpay which is now payza and inboxdollars. I tried to encash it in eon pioneer avenue north branch (new branch #2) and told me that they do not exchange cheque like mine. I showed my cheque to the teller and rejected it. Now my cheque expired na sayang naman.

    1. Hi Tony, maybe the teller are new to this kind of transaction, you might need to asked first their customer support on how to encash their dollar cheque..

      It just happen that the staff of unionbank branch here on gensan have lots of knowledge about Online Transaction, especially on Paypal..

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