Jollibee Amazing Aloha Burger

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Great News! Months after Anthony Bourdain tries the Jollibee Aloha Burger in the United States, Jollibee is bringing back the amazing Aloha burger in the Philippines.

As far as I know, Amazing aloha burger was firstly introduce in the year of 1996. Way back my child days, It’s one of my favorite burger in Jollibee and I can still remember its commercial on TV. I didn’t realize that Amazing Aloha Burger slowly gone from their menu, until I found this video of Anthony Bourdain (I’m now 23 years old) that reminds me that this is one of my favorite burger before.

But Today May 15, 2013! Amazing Aloha Burger is back with more exciting toppings! A two slices of Juicy burger patty, 1 fresh slice of pineapple, a mustard dressing, slice of cheese, lettuce and a slice of bacon. The pineapple really give a balance taste to the bacon and patty that make you say “WOW This is really Amazing!”.


The pricing starts at SOLO for only 99.00 PHP and for a value meal price with French Fries and Drinks for only 135.00 PHP.


Especial thanks to the Area Sales Manager Othello Real for inviting the Sox Blogger for the launching of Amazing Aloha Burger at Jollibee City Height Gensan.

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