Usage of LOL on Social Media

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Way back 2000 to 2007, Year of Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger and mIRC. We often used the acronym “lol” or “Laughing out Loud” when the conversation is funny. But now, the usage of lol in Social Media is not just you laughing out loud, but it somehow an insulting word.

Using lol for someone who is postingĀ  funny things is very much OK, but using lol in something that is not really funny is kind an insult to the people you are commenting.

For example, A friend posted a funny video on Facebook, then you comment, “LOL! that was fun”. It is ok since the posted video is obviously funny.

But when a friend is bragging for something, like uploading his brand new car on facebook then you commented on his post “Nice car! LOL”. Then the word lol on your comment is somehow equivalent to the word “duh”..

Should you use “lol” if you are not really funny at all? Post comments, if this happens to you..

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