Tierra Montana Hotel

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One of the best hotel in General Santos City, it is located at National Highway besides DHL. Their vision is to offer business travelers, families and friends the facility that they serve in very reasonable rates. They pride themselves in offering a deluxe atmosphere without even breaking your budget.

Image source at http://tierramontanahotel.com

Tierra Montana Hotel Map Location

There rooms are fully equipped with widescreen TV for your viewing pleasure and they also serve free Wi-Fi in case you want to surf the internet (Facebook, Chat, etc..) in your laptop or phones.

Room Rates as of June 2011:

  • Standard Matrimonial (PHP 1,550.00)
    Free Breakfast
  • Standard Twin Bed (PHP 1,550.00)
    Free Breakfast
  • Suite Rooms (PHP 2,550.00)
    Free Breakfast

Tierra Montana Hotel:


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