How to fixed Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010

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A very annoying message “Please wait while Windows configures Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010” always appear when you turn on your Ms word or any Microsoft Office applications.

This problem persist when you uninstall Microsoft office 2003 or Microsoft 2007 application in your computer, then you updated to Microsoft office 2010 Plus.

Screenshot of the Error

Below are the instruction to fixed the problem:

1. Click Start > Run or click on Search Field for Windows 7

Run for Windows 7

2. Then type the command and press ENTER each:

  • reg add HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Office\14.0\Word\Options /v NoReReg /t REG_DWORD /d 1

I also uploaded a batch installer to fixed the registry including Excel, Powerpoint, and etc.. , just download the batch file and open it. (

3. Go to Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14 folder

4. Right click the following EXE files and click Send to > Desktop (create shortcut) > Rename the shortcut on the Desktop


If the above solution still persist, you may follow this instruction to Uninstall office 2010

  1. Download and Install SubInACL (
  2. After install download this batch file and open it.  (
  3. Download and Copy this XML setup file to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\OFFICE14\Office Setup Controller\Groove.en-us\ directories (
  4. lastly download this Rip Out Office Removal and open it. (
  5. You can now uninstall your 2010 office and try to reinstall it again.

Please leave comment if this solved your problem. Thank you…

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