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Apr 18, 2011 10 Comments by 9861 Views

Do you have Paypal Account? You cannot load yourself? Or you are in abroad and you want to send load to your loveones in the Philippines? Chikka Wallet is the answer to your problem.

You can now load your TM, Smart, Globe, Sun and other network providers via Chikka Wallet using your Paypal Account.

Here’s How:

1. Just register to their official website at their registration page ( and login your new account.

Fill up the Form

2. Buy Credits using your Paypal Account. (5 USD is for silver Account and new Accounts, )

Buy Credit and Complete Paypal Transaction

3. After successfully buying credit to Chikka Wallet, You can now buy load by clicking the Send button. 50 Peso load is $1.50 USD and 100 Peso Load is $3.00 USD.

Fill up the form with your Cellphone Number "not my number " then select your load value.

4. Just complete the next step and click the “Send Load” to complete the Transaction.

Sorry, I only have $0.50 on my account cannot send load

That’s it! you have successfully buy a load from Chikka Wallet!

You can also Try their iPod/iPhone application at App Store for FREE: (

Chikka Send Load Apps

Balance Inquiry

Thank You for reading my article in have a nice day Generals!

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10 Responses to “Chikka Wallet – Online Loading Station”

  1. gabyvik says:

    Hi, great share…

  2. erwinbantilan says:

    Tnx gabyvik :D

  3. Steven says:

    Very interesting post, I didn’t realise that.

  4. Steven says:

    Muy útil e informativo el artículo. Gracias por postearlo.

  5. csseyah says:

    Thanks for this info… nice nice

  6. Pandanarol Pitaniello says:

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  7. ahgarcera says:

    nindot lageh ni ai… almost anything could be ordered online… :)

  8. Name says:

    chikka wallet not working as of nov 29, 2011. anybody else having problems??

  9. Name says:

    Chikka Wallet “Buy Credits” still not working as of Jan 18, 2012

  10. Chas says:

    why i can’t buy cridet it says tempory problem …anyone can help plssssssss

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