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eBay Buyers Scam List

Aug 15, 2014 No Comments by 549 Views

Here is the list of ebay buyer that you need to avoid dealing with. This buyer will make a reversal/unathorized payment/chargeback through paypal after purchasing your item in your ebay store. eBay Name: moler140581 eBay Account: Buyer’s name: VINICIUS ALMEIDA Buyer’s email: This buyer is also reported on this site ( If you […]

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Download Google Chrome Offline Installer

Aug 07, 2014 No Comments by 1392 Views

You can hardly find offline installer of Google Chrome on Google official website even on, its quite disappointed that you cannot install Google Chrome if you don’t have internet especially when are reformatting computers. Using some technique, we manage to get the official link where you can download the offline installer, please check below […]

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How to Check SM ePlus balance from your Phone

Jun 14, 2014 No Comments by 3296 Views

Do you know you can check your SM ePlus balance directly from your phone and without the internet? If you have Android phone and has NFC capability you can do that! you just need to install and download the e-PLUS Tap to Check app from Google Play ( Once your done, get your ePlus card […]

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How to Fixed Watch Dogs No Audio Problem

May 29, 2014 No Comments by 17314 Views

Just installed Watch Dogs on my PC and surprisingly the audio do not work on Cutscenes and Gameplay. I tried troubleshooting the problem by searching the web and fixing the “File Integrity of the game”. After long hours of fixing, I found out that the problem is that Watch Dogs do not support sounds quality […]

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Party Accent Balloon Decor

Feb 16, 2014 No Comments by 1058 Views

Hi guys! We at Party Accent offers below types of balloon decor and arrangement depending on your preferences/occasions. Bouquet Pillar Arch Wall Decor Ceiling Decor Cake Arch Balloon Burst Ballonderitas Table Center Piece For orders and inquiries please contact: Ayesa 09291973655

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Manage Your Google After You’re Death

Dec 19, 2013 No Comments by 1493 Views

What will happen to our Google account after you’re death? Google has this feature “Inactive Account Manager” or I call it “Death Account Manager” this will allow you to put control to your account when we die, you can forward or share your account up to 10 closest friend or family member or opt to […]

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How to Combine Multiple Internet Connection into single High Speed Internet

Oct 30, 2013 No Comments by 3445 Views

Do you have DSL? a Wifi pocket? a tethered mobile phones? or an shared internet connection from your neighbor, malls, or hotel? If you have multiple internet connection you can combine all of this and create a very high speed connection using a kick starter funded program called “Connectify Dispatch”. This program will lets you […]

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How to fusion HDD and SSD using Intel Rapid Storage Technology

Oct 21, 2013 No Comments by 17069 Views

Did you know that you can fusion your HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and SSD (Solid State Drive) to have bigger memory with a speed of SSD drive, you can see this on most laptop today like the apple’s Fusion Drive, CacheExpress or some company call it Hybrid drive. You can achieve this by using the […]

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How to Reformat Macbook Pro Retina (MacOS)

Jul 25, 2013 No Comments by 3306 Views

It’s my first time to reformat a Mac OS and it’s quite different from Windows interface.. Reformatting on Mac OS is definitely much quick and easier than Windows. So to start with, We need the following checklist item before reformatting: Back up your data. Internet connection is required. Must be connected to power adapter. How […]

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Philippine Transit App Challenge – Gensan Bootcamp

Jul 24, 2013 No Comments by 1081 Views

Philippine Transit App Challenge is the first national transport app app development competition, where developers are invited to develop an app based on the data available from the Government transport sector. Those data are composed of regularly updated geographic location and service information for all buses, rail routes in Metro Manila and live feed of […]

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