How to fixed Hinge Problem on Laptop (DIY)

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Some laptop on the long run will give you hinge problem, the cause of it is by too much heat from the fan and makes the plastic weak and easy to break. Since the broken parts of the laptop is plastic and the hinges needs so much support in order to hold the pressure from opening and closing the lid of the laptop, the only solution for it is a epoxy type of paste.

What you need to fixed this problem is a “Metal Epoxy”, it comes with 2 paste A “Adhesive” and B “Hardener” (See below). Then the old/broken parts that will hold the screws, plus some toothpicks or things that will combine our epoxy.


How to Repair the broken Hinge on Laptop:

1. Unscrew your laptop and if possible seperate the Monitor to have better repair on the broken parts, depending how severe it is. Make sure to retrieve the broken parts, so we can put it together when we paste it.

2. Mixed the Epoxy A and B. The more it is well mixed the better it will stick.

3. Apply the epoxy to the broken parts of the laptop. You have to wait for 6 to 12 hours to completely hardened the mixture.

4. Put back together! And Enjoy your newly repaired laptop ^_^

If you have questions leave comment below! Thank you for reading!

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