How to Update Assaultfire PH manually to

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I always get an Error when I’m trying to update my Assaultfire PH program, so i do some trick to download the patch manually.. The problem is the server is very busy to handle the traffic from the site..

To download the patch manually, you can download it in our host: to (2.16mb): to (2.16mb): to (2.14mb): to part1 (101mb): to part2 (92mb): to part3 (101mb): to part4 (129mb): downloading and uploading… to part5 (120mb): downloading and uploading… to part6 (127mb): to part7 (126mb): to part8 (101mb): downloading and uploading…

After downloading the Zip files, extract all of the contents to the assault fire installation folder (INSTALLATION_DIRECTORY\Assault Fire PH\TCLS\patchs) or right click the shortcut icon in your desktop then Open Location then go to patchs folder


After extracting the files, Open the Game and the game will continue downloading the rest patch (45mb) and no more error problem..


Wait until the download will complete.. If you have problem, dont hesitate to comment it and share this solution to your friends!

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