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ChronoBlade is a free-to-play game developed by nWay an indie Developers composed of talented and veteran developers from NES, SNES, Diablo game and other popular gaming companies. The game is a 3D side-scrolling and a brawler game that you can play using your Web browser and doesn’t need any plugin just the Flash Player. The game now is still on BETA phase and can be played on Facebook Apps (

On the gameplay, they have 2 characters available Aurok, Lophi and 2 unknown characters that may be launch during the closed beta phase. Each of these character has different skills and abilities that you can improved by leveling up your character using experience. You can also customize equipments like Helmet, Shoulder, Boots, Weapon, Pants, Ring, Gauntlet and Amulet.


Every week they also have this weekly tournament where players will compete in survival mode and the top 3 players who got top score will win an rare item. Just week ago, I participate with this contest and luckily won as 3rd place and received the “Champion’s helm of Obelisk”. Check the screenshot below on how you customize your character using equipments:


You can also check their awesome 1 minute teaser trailer for Chrono Blade:

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