Winners of Mr. and Ms. Gensan 2011 (Caroline Lim and Marc Jerick Chan)

Aug 03, 2011 2 Comments by 2227 Views

Congratulations to Miss Gensan Caroline Lim and Mister Gensan Marc Jerick Chan for winning the The Mr. and Ms. Gensan pageant 2011.

Caroline Lim and Mark Anthony by Omar S. Gallinero

Caroline Lim "Festival Attire" by Omar S. Gallinero

Marc Jerick Chan "Festival Attire" by Omar S. Gallinero

Happy Tuna Fest Generals! We will keep you posted about this post :)

Mr. and Ms. Gensan Winners:

  • Main Winner – Caroline Lim and Jerick Chan
  • 1st Runner Up – Ayana Grico and Jeffthie Cardino
  • 2nd Runner Up – Windy Lou Pontino and Serafin Lim

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2 Responses to “Winners of Mr. and Ms. Gensan 2011 (Caroline Lim and Marc Jerick Chan)”

  1. Rayelicious says:

    hindi si Mark Jerick ang nasa first picture Erwin, si Mark Anthony man yun! :D

    • erwinbantilan says:

      June Raye,

      Thank you very much.. mag ka mukha ka c sila at same height :)) I’ll edit it now raye..

      Thanks a LOT :D

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