C++ Bingo Game Source Code

Jul 15, 2011 6 Comments by 19739 Views

This C++ Bingo Game allows you to pick 1 to 4 combination cards. Consist of 60 possible numbers, each cards consist of 25 numbers, when a first cards fill 5 numbers forming a line, declares as a winner.

Note: This code only work on old Borland Turbo C++.

Sample Screenshot Bingo Game

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Download Source Code Below:

C++, Geeks

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6 Responses to “C++ Bingo Game Source Code”

  1. Online Bingo says:

    Definitely interesting stuff, looking onward to reading a lot more. Thanks!:)

  2. Sandra Martin says:

    Very nice! :-)

  3. Name says:

    That’s great buddy…. it is very interesting for high students dealing with programming. any other source code in using array and pointer?

  4. Name says:

    nice program…

  5. Zombie says:

    Good day, I can’t find the contact form here, I like your site and I have something want to contact with the onwer, thanks.

  6. Abhas Tandon says:

    nice post, even I have made one such version of bingo. But my version does not contains so much gui like yours.

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