Google Les Paul’s 96th Birthday (June 09, 2011)

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Today is the birthday of Les Paul an american jazz and country guitarist, song writer and inventor. He is the inventor of electric guitar which made the rock and roll possible in the world of music.

Google June 09, 2011 Logo

Google celebrate Les Paul’s birthday and they made a very interactive guitar application that can be played using your mouse and keyboard. Below are the exact copy and replica of Google Logo (Keyboard is now working and you can now record your own notes).

Try some of this Piano notes using your keyboard:

Happy Birthday Notes (112143 112154 11864432 776454)
Amaizing Grace Notes (257657 7532 257657 69 797657 7532 25765765)
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Notes (1155665 4433221 554433 2 55 44 33 2 11 55 66 5 44 33 22 1)
Row, row, row your boat (11123 32345 8 5 3 1 54321)
Frere Jaques (1231 1231 345 345 565431 565431 414 414)
London Bridge (5654345 234 345 5654345 2 5 31 5654345 234 345 5654345 2 5 31)

Download (Sounds only work on localhost or server due to flash security)

Read more about Les Paul at (

You can share your notes links on the comments :)

Google Logo

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29 Responses to “Google Les Paul’s 96th Birthday (June 09, 2011)”

  1. srinivas says:

    please, tell me how you put doodle in your blog

  2. Fidow says:

    please tell me how to make this guitar works..if i already download the png n the swf file for this guitar??

  3. erwinbantilan says:

    @ Fidow… you need to include the javascript files to make the guitar works..

  4. pery says:

    please please i am begging.. what javascript files i need.

  5. bhavik says:

    i got the the complete guitar from this website,it is of 789 kb only.

  6. jabalong says:

    @erwin Thanks, but please post instructions as to which files we need to play this from our desktop

    @bhavik, how about just uploading the file to a free web storage (rapidshare, yousendit, etc) and posting the link?


  7. bhavik says:

    just extract and open the INDEX file.

  8. erwinbantilan says:

    @pery and @Jabalong.. I added a download link :) thanks again

    • jabalong says:


      For those who don’t know how to get the sound, here’s what I did.

      1. Unzip Erwin’s folder wherever you want to save it:

      2. Enter this URL in your default browser:

      3. In the Adobe Flash settings panel on the page, click Edit locations, then Add location and enter the following address, then Confirm:

      *the path where you’ve unzipped the folder*, slash, guitar.swf

      So fi you unzipped to C:\guitar11 for example, the path would be:


      This works for me.

  9. Jean Houghs says:

    I do a lot of searches and found this Gensanblog.. Thanks a lot for the download.. you are so great erwin!

  10. Tina says:

    Erwin please make one for the ipad2!!!!

  11. Kelly says:

    download the les paul google doodle for your iphone/ipad or even just your own personal use at

  12. Aneba Lamuni says:

    Thanks Ervin!
    I make Doodle mirror for my blog. It’ ok?

  13. max says:

    still cant integrate the sound pls help

  14. max says:

    i hv all swf files but hw to integrate it with the html file

  15. melabolic says:

    @ Jabalong – do you know what I have to do if I’m a mac user?

    @ Erwin – Can you please give me the HTMl code for this Doodle, I’m trying to make it a gadget.

    • D1ss0n4nc3 says:

      @ Melabolic:

      He just followed the instruction at my site, today i’ll test the procedure on my mac virtual machine and give you feedback. Have you got snow leopard?

  16. Milo says:

    The version has updated with a function that can record and play the tune. Anyone figured out the source yet?

  17. D1ss0n4nc3 says:

    I uploaded the site right know with the recording version of the doodle as well.

    To play Les Paul doodle directly from your pc follow the instructions at my site:

  18. lady lee says:

    Thanks a lot erwin!! awesome works!!

  19. Guitareast says:

    I like this Song!!!
    Yine Bir Gülnihal (From Turkey :) )
    1651234 4655676 6984565 1651234 8768766576

    i discovered that notes :D ;)

  20. erwinbantilan says:

    @Guitareast Thanks a lot

    Comment form are now enabled…

  21. kalıcı makyaj says:

    Good stuff… Just killing some time surfing the interweb and found your page. Good looking site. Good Day!

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