New Philippine Money

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New Money of the Philippines was released last December 2010 by President Ninoy Aquino and the Banko Central ng Pilipinas, below are the new set of Philippine Money. Click the image below to see the High Resolution copies.

Changes on the new bill:

New 20 Peso bill – added map of the philippines, banaue rice terraces, palm civet and younger face of Manuel L. Quezon. (Twenty Peso bill)

20 Peso Bill (Front)

20 Peso Bill (Back)

New 50 Peso bill – added image of taal lakes and younger face of Sergio Osme├▒a (Fifty Peso Bill)

50 Peso Bill (Front)

50 Peso Bill (Back)

New 100 Peso bill – added image of Mayon Volcano, whale shark and younger face of Manuel A. Roxas (One hundred Peso Bill)

100 Peso bill (Front)

100 Peso bill (Back)

New 200 Peso bill – added image of Chocolate Hills, tarsier and younger face of Diosdado Macapagal (Two Hundred Peso Bill)

20 Peso Bill (Front)

20 Peso Bill (Back)

500 Peso bill – added image of Subterranean Underground River, Cory Aquino and younger face of Benigno Aquino (Five Hundred Peso Bill)

500 Peso Bill (Front)

500 Peso Bill (Back)

1000 Peso bill – added image of South sea pearl, and younger faces of Jose Abad Santos, Vicente Lim and Josefa Llanes Escoda (One thousand Peso Bill)

1000 Peso Bill (Front)

1000 Peso Bill (Back)

10 Peso coins – Newest Philippine┬á coin featuring Andres Bonifacio.


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6 Responses to “New Philippine Money”

  1. dHon says:

    very high quality pics… thanks…

  2. enzo says:

    how come… the Philippines got wrong map about not for north luzon with batanes and also some islands. but our money is not a map, that’s wrong!!! i hate it the problem about map!

  3. Name says:

    It must be Philippine Eagle or Tamaraw or Philippine Mouse Deer instead of fish. Why should every human image must be printed twice, its over decorated, it looks like a page of a magazine not money.

  4. Name says:

    The beauty of the Subterranean Underground River is not that visible, it looks like forest and the color of the letters are almost the same as the color of the image, it is not that readable.

  5. Grace says:

    fyi… Diosdado macapagal is not an Arroyo. It was his son in-law (mike arroyo)

  6. bhel says:

    i like it.! buti nlang meron nito..project ng anak ko ito..tnx!

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